SABE MAS Graduate Program

SABE MAS Academy is a College of Science program designed to strengthen STEM content knowledge and pedagogy in El Paso area teachers. SABE MAS seeks to:

Teachers applying to SABE MAS must teach high school math or science at an El Paso area public, private, or charter school, must not have previously participated in SABE MAS and must be nominated by their district or principal.  All applications will be submitted by SABE MAS to your district for endorsement. Teachers must have taught for at least two years. Those selected:

Upon receipt of your application, we will request approval for your participation through your School District. Districts nominating teachers contribute $1000 per participant to the UTEP SABE MAS program. 

The number of teachers accepted to SABE MAS is limited by funding. 

Last updated April, 2010.  Contact for questions, comments, or changes.